Generic Branding

I’ve never understood why generic brands try so hard to mimic the original brand. I suppose it’s because some people are in a rush, looking for the cheaper alternative. [ I am slightly embarrassed to say that the corny names kind of crack me up. For example, Dr. Thunder.. Listermint. I can’t help it. ]

However, imagine my confusion when I found out that Listermint is actually owned by the same company that owns Listerine, Johnson & Johnson. Considering the fact that generic brands make up $88 billion in sales [this article is pretty on point], I’ll admit this is actually quite logical.

Personally, I think it would be even more logical if generic brands developed their own brand, instead of mimicking the original. For example, Target’s brand Up & Up [see my appreciation for their improved package design here]. I wonder if Target’s brand sales revenue increased when they rebranded, and if so.. how significant was the increase?

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